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Marine - PlugIn and WireIn ECUs

100% waterproof ECUs give peace of mind when you need a reliable, fully featured ECU in a wet environment.


Vi-PEC marine ECUs are available in two configurations.

  1. PlugIn - built for a specific application such as a Personal Water Craft as pictured below.
  2. WireIn - V88 and V44 to suit any installation. Both models are 100% water proof.

These ECUs have the cases fully filled with a special marine silicone, unlike other marine ECUs that have sealed cases. As there is no air gap inside the case, water or moisture cannot get in due to air pressure changes.

In addition to the filled cases the components used in these ECU are very low profile. This makes the Vi-PEC marine ECU very reliable in high vibration applications.

The development of these ECU comes from many years of building and racing marine engines and experiencing the problems of other make ECU on the market.

The V44 Marine is ideal for small watercraft, such as JetSkis. Also this ECU is suitable for snowmobile. 

The V88 Marine is suitable for V8 engines used for powerboat and Ski racing, offshore pleasure and race boats.

Both models have knock control. The V88 model has electronic throttle control, so can be used on small watercraft that have this type of throttle control.

V88 model will easily control 2 x GM stepper idle valves that are commonly used on large displacement marine engines.

Injector drivers are 10 amp, and will easily drive three injectors per output on methanol engines.

Support for multi coil and distributor engines with hall effect and reluctor sensors. Accurate ignition control due to high speed processor and advanced trigger decoding logic. Large number of spare inputs and outputs available. 4MB of internal data logging memory. Logger has many options for activation.

Marine Vi-PEC Kits include harness, air and water temperature sensors, USB or Serial data cables and manual.

Marine ECU on RIVA's Sea-Doo RXP-X on the Vi-PEC stand at PRI 2012