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A new range of ECUs being developed by Vi-PEC for the powersports market, such as snowmobiles, motorbikes and small off road vehicles.

Vi-PEC has launched its range of powersports ECUs with the realease of the Polaris ECU for snowmobiles.


Polaris RMK 800, 2011-12

The Vi-PEC Polaris Pro RMK 800 ECU is a full featured direct plug in replacement for the factory fitted ECU. As well as including all functions of the factory ECU, the Vi-PEC ECU introduces advanced tuning features only available in top end ECUs. 

Applications from stock standard to extreme race forced induction are supported.

Advanced tuning and data logging functionality is accessed through USB and Vi-PEC Tuning Software.

Factory Replacement 

  • Direct plug in and bolt to factory mounts 
  • No additional sensors or wiring required 
  • Uses factory dash display 
  • All factory hand controls supported including push button engine reverse 
  • Full control of charging systems and quick start voltage boost 
  • Safety systems for reverse, brake, throttle failure and electric start


  • Latest Vi-PEC hardware technology 
  • High energy CDI ignition system provides higher energy spark that factory ECU 
  • All factory sensors used (CAS, ECT, IAT, TPS, EGT, BAP, speed, brake switch, reverse switch, oil level, fuel quality, throttle safety switch, knock) 
  • All factory outputs controlled (Injectors, ignition, exhaust valve, fuel pump, electric start disable, chassis power control) 
  • High efficiency charging system control and power supply regulation 
  • Additional inputs and outputs for tuner/installer use: 
    • 2 Injection Outputs for installation of additional injectors or can be used as auxiliary outputs
    • 2 Auxiliary Outputs for control of solenoids (e.g. boost control, nitrous) 
    • 1 Exhaust temperature input (use same sensor as factory)
    • 2 Digital Inputs (e.g. handle bar mounted switch) 
    • 2 Analog Inputs (e.g. wide-band controller, boost adjust knob) 
  • Digital knock signal processing 
  • On board USB tuning port 

Software / Tuning Features 

  • Vi-PEC Tuning Software (VTS). Advanced time saving tuning features and data log analysis 
  • Access to all factory and additional sensor information for tuning and logging use 
  • Individual cylinder knock detection and control 
  • Barometric (Altitude) fuel compensation 
  • Fuel quality resistor can be used to alter tuning 
  • Configurable control of spark energy 
  • Staged injection control 
  • Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping 
  • Individual cylinder fuel and ignition correction 
  • RPM, MAP, Speed limiting 
  • Additional inputs and outputs can be configured for a variety of tuning functions 
  • Closed loop boost control
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