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Amazing 380SX in Japan built by Trust, Tuned by GReddy runs Vi-PEC V88

BenSopra has turned out an extraordinary Nardó Special 380SX. Vi-PEC is proud to be the ECU of choice for this impressive machine.

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The whole engine and drivetrain was literally ripped out of the ex-Blitz R35 GT-R that BenSopra based their 2012 project car on and then custom fitted into the much smaller 180SX engine bay. As Ueta tells us it was all a big, three-month long headache, but thankfully they had the masterminds at Trust to lend a helping hand. After creating the custom engine and transmission mounts to hold up and position both the VR38 and the Hollinger sequential transmission in place it was over to Trust for a lot of custom work. The engine was firstly refreshed and fitted with a Trust 4.0L stroker kit and then dropped back in place in its new home.

. . . Engine management is handled by this Vi-PEC V88 stand alone ECU which has so far been set up with a base map. Ueta would have loved to have all fuelling and ignition maps sorted out for when the twin TD06s will run full boost but there isn’t a roller or hub dynamometer out there that can read the actual torque numbers the tuned VR churns out. They have seen 120 kgm (867 lb/ft) on one dyno but then error messages followed as the system maxed out. They are left with no choice but to finalize and fine tune the mapping on the street. . .


Engine: Trust 4L stroker kit, Trust exhaust manifolds, Trust TD06-25G x2, Trust external wastegaes x2, Trust custom straight through exhaust system, Trust custom piping, Trust custom V-mounted twin entry intercooler, Full stage mechanical throttles, Trust intake manifold, ATL 40L fuel cell, Bosh 044 fuel pumps x2, custom surge tanks, braided fuel lines, adjustable FRP, Trust fuel rails, Trust 1000 cc/min injectors, Trust 13-row oil cooler x2, Fulll Stage catch tank, Trust radiator, Vi-PEC V88 ECU

Transmission: Hollinger 6-speed sequential, ORC triple plate clutch, BNR34 rear end, ATS carbon LSD

Suspension: Full Stage air-cupped adjustable coilovers

Wheels & Tires: Enkei RS05RR 11Jx18, Yokohama Advan A050 295/30R18

Exterior: BenSopra X TRA Kyoto full aero, BenSopra one-off hood

Interior: Saito Roll Cage custom multi-point roll cage, spot & seam welded, Bride Zeta III bucker seats x2, BenSopra carbon dashboard, AIM digital dash unit, custom center console, custom switchgear, GReddy Profec B boost controller, custom gear shifter, hydraulic e-brake