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Godzilla's world record GTR R35

What a triumph! Mark and the Godzilla Motorsport team now hold the world record with their Vi-PEC i88 controlled GTR R35
Godzilla's world record GTR R35

In the money

Mark Jacobsen's Godzilla Motorsport team had a hugely successful weekend at the Sydney Jamboree this last weekend (7th March 2015). This is a one day only event so it either all comes together or you go home disappointed.

Godzilla's winning team

Mark beat Joe Signorelli's Gas Motorsport team in the Factory Xtreme final with a 6.53@210 to 7.65@131. 

Mark and the Godzilla team now have the world's fastest Nissan GTR R35 with this 6.53 @ 210 run.

Watch a video of Mark's runs, including the record breaking run, here.

Record breaking run March 2015 screenshot 

6.53 time slip Sydney Jamboree March 2015More Information: