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Innovative Tuning dominate in Canada

More records have been broken by the Vi-PEC V88 controlled cars from Innovative Tuning at Round 2 of the CSCS (Canadian Sport Compact Series).

Innovative Tuning CSCS Domination Continues

Round 2 of the Canadian Sport Compact Series moved west to the resort town of Grand Bend, Ontario on June 23rd, 2013. Known for its sandy beaches, the aptly named Beach Burnout event brought the heat with 100 plus degree temperatures on race day. Throughout the day the heat took its toll on equipment and drivers alike with many competitors overheating or losing focus and taking themselves out of contention.

On the drag strip Jason Velenosi's Innovative Tuning drag Subaru was ready for the heat courtesy of a custom water to air intercooler conversion added in the off season. In qualifying he put down a 10.1 pass in the 10.0 second Super Street Power Adder index class and secured the top qualifying spot again. After multiple turbo Hondas suffered drivetrain failures, one sturdy Acura Integra remained. In an exiting final battle, Jason got out front and let off on the top end of the track to avoid breaking out, narrowly taking the win with a 10.2 second pass. Once the win was secured Jason made a fun run of 9.71 at 146 MPH despite 104 degree ambient temperature and a greasy starting line, reminding everyone his Subaru is still the quickest and fastest in Canada.

Over on the road course, the Super Street AWD category was hotly contested as well. With three drivers running similar qualifying times, Innovative Tuning racing team member Mike Harvey had his work cut out for him. Overcoming the competition seemed secondary to his health as the timed session approached once signs of heat exhaustion set in. After an ice bath Harvey rose to the occasion in grand fashion, not only completing the event, but bettering his qualifying time, winning his class and resetting the Super Street AWD class track record he has held since 2012 with his 2005 Subaru STI.

Sunday was more of an exercise in controlled execution for Innovative Tuning's Unlimited AWD class time attack monster dubbed Voltron. Despite a new highlighter yellow/black paint scheme, slower traffic moving out of the way was still an issue in qualifying. After getting one clean lap with a time seconds ahead of the previous overall track record and the rest of the field, the car was parked until the timed session. When the timed session arrived, the mission was clear. Don't beat yourself. With the pressure off, pilot/tuner/owner Mike McGinnis set off on a modest warmup lap followed by a 50.9 second hot lap, gave the eager crowd which had been waiting to hear the new track record all day a wave and parked the beast. With the previous CSCS track record of 54 seconds set by NV Auto's Subaru and the overall track record held by a modified liter bike surpassed, Innovative Tuning now holds the overall track record at Grand Bend's road course.

Round 3 of the Canadian Sport Compact Series heads to Mosport where the Mikes will take a shot at sweeping CSCS class and overall records at all 3 tracks the series visits.

 Video of the track record breaking session

Mike's notes on the video clip

2013 is the first year of time attack competition for Innovative Tuning's unlimited AWD class Subaru time attack car named Voltron. We hoped to set some solid lap times and develop the car throughout the year. Without having the body and aero work complete as well as other systems, we didn't count on the level of success we've already achieved. After setting our schedule for the season, NARRA added an event at Watkins Glen so we weren't able to test beforehand. The lack of testing showed, and we achieved mixed results over the two days there, but got on the podium. By our first planned event (CSCS round 1 at Toronto Motorsports Park) the car was more prepared and despite being held up by traffic in the timed session, Voltron took down its first CSCS overall and class (Unlimited AWD) track record.

A few tweaks later we expected a bit more speed for CSCS round 2 at Grand Bend Motorplex, but having never driven there before, we didn't know just how quick we could be. Saturday afternoon my Innovative Tuning teammate Mike Harvey (2012 Super Street AWD Time Attack Champion) and I rolled into Grand Bend late in the afternoon. I quickly got on track before they shut the track down for the day, ran a few laps, came in, set tire pressures, went back out and put down a 51.6 on my first hot lap. Considering the previous CSCS overall record at this track was 54 seconds, I was feeling great about my chances for Sunday (6/23/2013) and parked the car. 

The road course at Grand Bend is so much fun to drive. It has a combination of low and medium speed corners plus a rather long straightaway. For whatever reason I picked it up quickly and knew most of my time to gain was in how much risk I took on the medium speed corners.

Sunday I made multiple attempts at a qualifying lap, but got blocked over and over by slower cars. Eventually I completed a lap without being blocked. After checking CSCS live timing and seeing Voltron at 51.2 seconds with the field at 54 seconds or higher, I parked the car until the timed session. The healthy gap allowed me to continue running the same tires from the last event, saving the sticker tires for another day.

My plan was to run a moderate warmup lap, then a hot lap at 8-9 tenths pace depending on my confidence at each corner, knowing that I could easily beat myself if I pushed too hard. I didn't get the tires quite up to their optimal range which resulted in laying some very dark patches of rubber as I tried to power through turn 1, but after that, the lack of pressure on me allowed for a lap without any major flaws. Despite the 104 degree ambient temperature during that lap, I bettered my qualifying time and broke into the 50 second range. As I crossed start/finish and saw a 50.8 on my dash, I gave the great crowd that was cheering me on all day a wave and started my cool down lap, being sure I didn't get in the way of James and his speedy Integra.

Official track timing and scoring had the lap at 50.9 which is now not only the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) overall record at this track, but it's the overall track record. Nothing has ever recorded a faster lap time around Grand Bend Motorplex's full track. Imagine how fast we'll be with some development time, slick tires instead of DOTs, the boost turned up, more of our planned aero parts made/installed, on a day that's not 104 degrees, without gravel on the slow turn right before the long straight, with ice in our intercooler system, and at 9-10 tenths pace!

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