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MGAWOT III's record breaking weekend

The i88 controlled, RIPS built, MGAWOT III breaks records at the "4 & Rotary Nationals". Auckland, January 26th 2014.

What a fantastic weekend we had at the 4 & Rotary Nationals, the monkey is now off our backs!!


The forecast was for lots of rain but Meremere is known for having its own little weather system so we packed up on Saturday morning and around mid day started heading for Meremere. We made our usual stop the Te Poi Tavern for lunch and a cold drink then made our way to the track arriving around 3pm.

We set up our caravan and tent then had then settled in for a few cold ones with our EVIL II team mates who had just set up camp beside us.

After a nice meal at the Irish pub in Mercer then a couple more cold ones back at camp we settled in for the night.

First Run

We woke to clear skies and things were looking promising, we warmed up the car, got ready and waited for our call for our first qualifying run. This would be our very first attempt at a proper ¼ mile pass in MGAWOT III and I had said to the boys several times over the last few days “wouldn’t it be awesome if we could run a 7.80-7.90 on its first pass”. It was time to find out.

We were called up and although it had clouded over the track looked to be ok.

MGAWOT III had new tyres on the back so a nice long smokey burnout was in order, this is one of my “things to do at the Nats”  every year so it was good to do a good one and get it out of the way early.

Came up to the lights, they came down, let her rip and it was as smooth as silk, sounding strong and running dead straight but it felt deceptively slow, went through thinking maybe an 8.0 to 8.1 @ 175ish but to my surprise the boys in the tow truck came over the hill headlights flashing and arms waving out all of the windows, I knew it had to be better than an 8.0. The slip was a 7.80 @ 288kph!!!!  WOW, I was so happy, Jase had nailed the tune again and as they always say “the smooth uneventful ones are always the quickest”


Rain, dammit!

The rain set in shortly after so we waited for what seemed like an eternity but then it cleared and it was time to go out again, Jase changed the launch boost a little and we left everything else the same, this resulted in some wheel spin off the line, a slow 60ft and a 7.86 @ 290kph, not bad, but not quite the direction we wanted to go.

More rain, more delays, more time to think about the next run's “tune”.


Finally it was time to go out again and another smooth uneventful run netted us a 7.78 @ 288kph, were in the 7.7s! something I think surprised everyone especially when that is as quick as the world record holding GTR has ever run in NZ and we were already right up there with the likes of HKS Japan and Godzilla Motorsport on our 3rd pass!

More rain, more delays and once cleared we decided to hit it even harder and see if we could get it to stick, the tune “should” have given a 7.6 of some sort but a terrible launch got the car all out of shape off the line and although it felt like it was going to be a real slow one a 7.80 @ 290kph came up so we knew with the right launch it would have surely been a 7.6.

Now the rain really came and it was clear we wouldn’t be out again but we were more than happy with our 4 runs, we showed consistency in both ET and mph and it was clear that with more grip and with the power wound up we will drop our times some more.

Records broken

We came away with the track and National record for Super Sedan with 7.785 @ 290.76 kph so time to celebrate with a nice meal and a few cold ones. 

Big Thanks

Big thanks go out to Vi-PEC, Turbosmart, Nitto, GSS, NZ Performance, Ross Dampers,  Te Poi Tavern, Trufold, Kelfords, Custom Shirts NZ, Scotty’s, Jason from Infomotive, Autotrans, Regal Automotive, Spook, Brad, Dan, Sheryl, Paige and all of our supporters, we couldn’t be out there doing it without you all. 

Robbie Ward
RIPS Racing

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