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RIPS MGAWOT II wins Jap Show at Santa Pod UK Report

Robbie from RIPS summarises his experience of running MGAWOT II in the UK

After 2 days in a row at 2 different tracks and just 7 runs in total, our very short testing time in NZ was over, we claimed the NZDRA and IHRA records for SS/BB. (best of 8.51 @ 163mph) and the car had to be loaded straight into a container for shipping to the UK.

The UK rules imposed a limit of 8.50 due to the type of cage in the car so we were very happy with an 8.51 so quickly and easily. 

6 weeks later Jason from Infomotive and I were on a plane to the UK to help the owner get familiar with his new car.

UK Adventure Starts with Test Sessions

We were picked up from the airport and taken straight to the workshop. We did some quick checks, put fresh fuel in and MGAWOT II fired up straight away. All was well so we loaded up ready for our first test session the next day. 

The plan was to start off with a few gentle runs so Dave could get familiar the car and we agreed we’d all be happy if he’d run an 8 by the end of the day.  

The first run was gentle and smooth going through for a 9.1 - far faster than Dave had ever gone before. A quick check of the data showed Dave lifted off the throttle on launch and then stayed at just 60% throttle for the run even though he swore he had it nailed all the way (drivers always do, but the Vi-PEC data doesn’t lie). We moved the seat forward a little and told Dave to really concentrate on keeping the throttle pinned hard as he let off the transbrake as it was quite common for your foot to come off a little on launch due to the G forces.

Jase upped the boost just a little and we sent Dave back out for his 2nd run. Everything went much better and he went through for a 8.59!!, a new European record for a street GTR. Dave came back with a grin from ear to ear but we had a slight problem: he’d just gone almost as fast as he was allowed to go in the car so we decided, job done, lets pack up and save it for the big meeting the following weekend and go have a few well earned beers.

The next day, back at the workshop, we found ourselves with nothing to do but give everything a quick check over. All was well so Jase and I went to visit some of my family and later in the week we did a bit of travelling and sightseeing with Dave, a great time was had by all.

Onto Santa Pod Weekend

Friday came round pretty quickly and we were back into race mode. We loaded up the car ready for qualifying at Santa Pod the following day. All went well, Dave drove well, the car didn’t miss a beat and just the one run was required to qualify No1 with an 8.57.

We packed up again, headed to a nice Hotel that just happened to have a massive Indian restaurant next door, had a few drinks, a lovely dinner, a few games of pool (until we were kicked out for it getting too late and being too noisy) so off to bed for an early start on race day.

We woke to a beautiful day (I know, hard to believe for England aye!) headed to the track and unloaded.

The day went very smoothly although slow at times, we felt a lot less pressure than we were used to in NZ so Jase and I were relaxed. We just had to pass that on to Dave and guide him as best we could. Dave drove well and although we had the quickest car, I felt his RTs might be our downfall if we made it through to the final.

Dave won all his races no problem and we found ourselves through to the final.

The Final

We worked on the rather involved Pre-stage and Stage procedure over and over again in the pits and I must say Dave took it seriously and soaked up everything I told him. The guy we were up against in the final had been cutting good lights all day so with a final pep talk out of the way, we sent Dave out to run against the 8.8 second rotary RX7.

Our plan was to have a solid 8.50 tune in the Vi-PEC, as long as our opponent didn’t cut a light any more than .300 better we should be OK and it would be a close race. I also said if you find yourself out in front, back off so as not to risk running under 8.50 and being eliminated.

The RX7 driver cut a light around .200 better but bogged. Dave shot off into the distance and as per instruction lifted at around the 1000ft mark coasting through for an 8.6, which was lucky because when we checked the data it looked like he was on for a 8.45 – 8.47 @ 165!

We had a very happy owner/driver who has just won his first big meeting, Dave’s crew and supporters were all over the moon and Jase and I were happy all had gone exactly to plan. The car ran perfectly all weekend and would require just a simple check over to be ready for the next big meeting being TOTB at Elvington.

RIPS would like to thank:

  • “Dangerous Dave” (owner/driver)
  • Vi-PEC
  • Infomotive
  • Brent from SMD
  • Turbosmart
  • ROSS dampers
  • GSS
  • JRC
  • Te Poi Tavern
  • Regal Automotive
  • All our families, supporters and friends.
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