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Sandblast Rally 2014 triumph for Innovative Tuning

Innovative Tuning take on transforming Dirty Rallysport's Subaru WRX using Vi-PEC as part of their repertoire and are rewarded with a first place at their first event in the 2014 NASA Rallysport Championship.

After a series of DNFs caused by engine failure after engine failure, Dirty Rallysport team principle Eric Wages decided a change was necessary. After some discussion with Mike McGinnis, owner/tuner of Innovative Tuning, it was decided the open class Subaru WRX rally car would be transported from Charleston, SC to Buffalo, NY for install of an Innovative Tuning rally shortblock and custom tuning.

The first event after this engine supplier/tuner change was Rally West Virginia. The Dirty Rallysport team prepped the rest of the car in Carolina and took a 2nd place overall finish despite differential and axle failures caused by the combination of aging parts and new found power. Radiator and drivetrain failures at their next event Black River Stages postponed a win, but again it was clear that with the rest of the car firmed up the team was capable of wins.


With time to prep the car over winter and the help of some new team members, it all came together at Sandblast, the first event in the 2014 NASA Rallysport Championship.

After a cautious start in the South Carolina sand at special stage 1, Eric and co-driver Sarah took commanding stage wins on the next three stages. This allowed them to control their pace for the rest of the rally and secure the overall win.

During review of video and data post rally, Wages found they were 5.5 seconds per mile faster than their previous effort at this event, a staggering improvement. New members of the Dirty Rallysport team who prepped the car for Sandblast gave driver Eric the car he needed to not only make it to the finish, but push on the middle stages to create a buffer from the rest of the field.

Currently the team looks forward Empire State Performance Rally in NY (April 26-27, 2014). Innovative Tuning continues their support via remote tuning of the Vi-PEC standalone engine management system on the car.

The above report was taken from the Innovative Tuning website

Video Clips:

See the Innovative Tuning tuned, Vi-PEC equipped Dirty Rallysport Subaru coming through Special Stage 4 of Sandblast Rally at 43-55 seconds into the video.


They won the stage and the event. You can hear antilag working as they enter the corner.

Watch 2 runs from inside the car as doubled up video here.



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