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Track and National record (almost world record!)

Robbie from RIPS rounds up the last events from the season. MGAWOT III and its driver have pulled out all the stops this season and got "this close" to a World record in the GTR running Vi-PEC engine management.
Track and National record (almost world record!)

Photo by SE Photography

RIPS MGAWOT III gets runner up in IHRA Nationals and runs a new track record of 7.61 (5th April, 2014)

After rain put an end to the NZDRA Nationals we headed back to join the club champs a couple of weeks later to finish the meeting.

The weather was OK, track prep great but being in a DYO format we had to be careful not to run too quick and be disqualified.

We worked through the day, getting 3 more wins before the final round came around. As we were sitting in the staging lanes there was an oil down, I decided to stay in the car although it was very hot. 

About 30 minutes later we were given the go ahead and as I came into stage I made a silly mistake by going straight into full stage, I was given the order to reverse back and stage again. I’m not sure if it was the heat, being tired or just nerves of the final but I forgot to re-set the 4wd so came back into stage in 2wd, the lights came down, I let go the trans brake and went straight up in smoke watching the other guy drive off into the distance. Bugger.

We live and learn and now through the Vi-PEC i88 ECU we have put in a condition so this can’t happen again.

Once again thanks to Jase for nailing the tune run after run, Spook, Brad and Dan for being there through the good times and the not so good times, Vi-PEC, Turbosmart, Nitto, GSS, NZ Performance, ROSS Dampers, Te Poi Tavern, Trufold, KelfordsCustom Shirts NZ, Scotty’s bar, AutotransRegal AutomotiveNAC InsuranceREPCO and all our friends and supporters.

Video Clips:

IHRA Nationals Round 5 video screenshot 

IHRA Nationals Round 3 against Rompa Stompa video screenshot

Robbie's comment on this video clip: One of the most consistent cars out there is the Rompa Stompa Capri, I had to give him about a 2 second head start then run him down. He had trouble about 1/2 track so I was able to fly past, back off so I didn't break out, then take the win.

4th at the NZDRA Nationals (20-21 April, 2014)

ECU of choice for all MGAWOTsAnother very trying weekend in Taupo, the rain on Sunday put an end to even starting the meeting and we arrived on Easter Monday to more rain but it slowly cleared.

At around 10.30 qualifying started but due to time restraints we were only allowed to have one qualifying pass, this makes things VERY difficult when we have no idea what the track will hold.

We decided to put in the least amount of power off the line as we could then be very gentle the rest of the way just to get a number on the board that we could hopefully repeat during eliminations.

The quicker and more powerful your car is, the harder it is to get any sort of consistency on a cold track so we really were running pretty blind with it.

Came up to the line, staged, let go the transbrake and just spun all 4 tyres, pedalled it as best I could, got some grip and went through with a terrible 8.55 @ 171mph.

NZDRA Nationals number 1 qualifier video screenshot

Robbie's comment on this video clip: Due to the rain we only got one qualifying run so backed power off as much as we could, didn't stick and ran a 1.7 60ft on our way to a 8.55 @ 171mph to secure No1 qualifying spot.

Everyone else was having similar problems so our 8.55 was actually enough to qualify No1!

With the track temp and conditions changing as the day went on it made it nearly impossible to dial in a time that we could run to so we had to just have a guess and do the best we could.

Due to being the quicker car we had to give most guys/girls a 2-3 second head start but we managed to win the first couple of races by catching the other guy/girl quite quickly then backing off to be sure we didn’t run to quick.

NZDRA Nationals in car video 2 screenshot 

 NZDRA Nationals in car video 3 screenshot

With  the track changing some more during the day and not being able to stay in the throttle for a full pass during eliminations, and with the good guys making their way through the field, it was going to get real hard real fast in the rounds to come. All we could do was chose a dial in that would give us a little up our sleeve, hope we could catch the other guy and beat him to the line without going quicker than the time we nominated.

We made it through to the semi finals and our next pairing was with one of the top dogs in Super sedan in his V8 Capri. He cuts very good lights and runs very consistently. With his lower power, it was much easier for him to get a handle on things during the day so he dialled in with a 10.4 and I dialled in with a 8.55 meaning he got a 1.85 second head start. 

He took off, I waited. I took off and was catching him fast, way too fast, I was in serious trouble. I passed him just after ½ track which is WAY too soon, the car hooked up much better than we had expected so I backed off then tried to stay just in front of him. I knew he’d be right on the money and that the only way I could beat him was if my reaction time was MUCH better than his and if I only “just” beat him over the finish line.

I beat him over the finish line but unfortunately, as I suspected, I ran too fast, he cut a light a fraction better than mine and he ran a 10.4 on a 10.4 dial in, damn near impossible to beat but hey that’s racing. 4th in these conditions out of a big field of cars was fine with us, we knew the meeting coming up at Meremere, if the weather was good, would be the one to really push hard and lay the numbers.

Onwards and upwards........(or downwards with the times as the case may be haha)

Thanks to Jase, Spook and Dan, Vi-PEC, Turbosmart, Nitto, GSS, NZ Performance, ROSS Dampers, Te Poi Tavern, Trufold, KelfordsCustom Shirts NZ, Scotty’s bar, AutotransRegal AutomotiveNAC InsuranceREPCO and all our friends and supporters.


RIPS MGAWOT III runs track and National record and is now just 0.07 off the world record (27th April, 2014)

7.48 certificate for MGAWOT IIIWOW, what a day’s racing, we have one very happy group of guys here at RIPS, all the hard work paid off big time.

We had hoped for good weather for the last meeting of the year and we got it - clear sky, not too hot, no wind, great track prep and a goal in mind of a 7.5 and 185mph.

I had made it clear that this was a make or break weekend and I had no problem at all with pushing the motor to its limits if required. It had done us proud for 2 years, it was getting a little tired, it was its last meeting and I didn’t want to bring it home with any regrets.

We decided to put our 7.61 NZ record tune in for the first run to feel things out and straight off the trailer we ran 7.60 @ 183, a new PB!

The track was looking good so we decided to push a little harder, next run 7.59 @ 184mph, progress and everything felt great.

OK, no time to mess around. We are here for one reason, to get as close as possible to the world record of 7.41.

Next one, a little more especially in the top end, 7.55 @ 186mph, awesome, another step in the right direction.

Next one, a little greedy off the line, too much wheelspin but a little more on the top end paid off with a 7.57 @ 188mph.

We are really liking the way this is going now so go for broke but got too greedy off the line again, got very out of shape and ran through for a 7.74 @ 186mph

Time to re-think this . . . lets go back to what we did on our quickest 60ft then “blend” that with our best mid track and top end tune . . . BOOM . . . 7.48 @ 189mph with a mild 1.23 60ft.

You can see it ran straight and true:

MGAWOT III's 7.48 run video screenshot

Robbie's comment on the video: Finally into the 7.4s. Done on 26 x 10in tyres, E85 fuel at 1300kg with a pretty gentle 60ft of 1.23. Can't wait to see what we can do with 28in tyres, methanol, a decent turbo and some weight out of the car. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us this season, we've had a blast!!!

Photo by Earl Edwards

Team photo after achieving 7.48!! Photo by Earl Edwards.

The team was so happy to get into the 7.4s but we had time for one more so I told Jase, this is it, make or break, we’ve had a great day, lets go out with either a bang or a better number. He loaded in a “you have got to be joking” kind of a tune but if it stuck and if the motor held together it was going to be crazy fast. Come on old girl, just one more run PLEASE!!!

Photo by SE Photography

Well it started off well, left nice, was running straight and I could feel it felt a little better than the previous run but at about the 150 meter mark I saw the dreaded puff of smoke come from the exhaust and felt power start to fall away, I couldn’t back out, I just had to push it to the limit so stayed full throttle, another puff at around 300 meters and power fell away some more, then as I off throttled at the end a HUGE white smoke screen went out the exhaust and all over the windscreen and roof, she was history but boy did she put up a good fight.

Some personal bests timesTo my surprise with 5 cylinders for about 150 meters of the run and then 4-5 cylinders for around the last 100 meters it still ran a 7.59 @ 185mph, she was on a good charge early on for sure.

We couldn’t be happier. The car, motor, transmission and the team far exceeded what we thought possible for our first season running a Pro AWD GTR. These things are notoriously hard to get from A to B and you need incredible tuning, boost control and huge top end power to make it into the 7.5s and 7.4s with these cars so things are looking up. We have a large number of things we can improve on so exciting times ahead for sure.

As always, big thanks to Jason from Infomotive. He’s by my side day in, day out at the track, racking his brain for the ultimate tune up for the conditions. Without him, what we have done simply would not be possible.

Thanks to Dangerous Dave, Spook, Brad and Dan for helping with everything from loading and unloading the car to fuel, packing the chute, belting me in, keeping me fed and hydrated, tyre pressures, film footage, NOS bottle changes, the list goes on and on.

Thanks to my long suffering partner Sheryl for putting up with me being in the shed till way past when I should be nearly every night, love you babe xxoo.

Thanks to Vi-PEC for their incredible support, top class products and assistance throughout the year. I couldn’t ask for a better primary sponsor.

Thanks to Turbosmart who have supported us for many years, same goes for GSS, ROSS dampers, Regal Automotive and REPCO, great people, great products.

Thanks to Nitto for supplying top quality bottom end engine components, we pull crazy rpm with lots of boost and they just take it.

Thanks to Te Poi Tavern, Trufold, KelfordsCustom Shirts NZ, Autotrans, Chucks Racing Trans, Scotty’s Bar and NAC Insurance for coming on board this year. I hope the way we have conducted ourselves and the results we have achieved will allow us to continue working together moving forward.  

Thanks to all the guys and girls who come to the track to watch and support us, thanks to everyone on facebook and on forums etc that follow and encourage us, it means alot, thank you.

Onwards and Upwards . . . Bring it on!!



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