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Track and National record broken by MGAWOT III - again

MGAWOT III sees some exciting action at the Comp 4 weekend on March 2nd, 2014 at Fram Autolite Dragway. Some of the action was more exciting than intended but an excellent result achieved!

Another great day at the track with a few ups and just the one down.

Comp 4 was the final round of Fram’s competition series and every type of car qualifies then they take out the top 24 and put them into the top 8, second 8 and third 8 where each group of 8 then goes into eliminations.



It was still pretty early when time came for our first qualifying pass and the sun still hadn’t hit the track. We knew it would be slippery so put a very soft tune up in and laid a 7.96 @ 178.85mph.

Everyone seemed to be having similar problems but by the time the second round of qualifying came around the sun had come out so we decided to hit it harder and see how we went. Not so good - we got a little greedy and went up in smoke off the line and I aborted the run.

The 7.96 was actually good enough to qualify us in the No. 5 spot in the top group!! This was great news because I love racing against dragsters, altered’s and tube door cars etc in a DYO format.

Time to start experimenting

We decided we’d detune just a little off the line but then get right up it and see if we could make it stick. To be honest we weren’t there 100% focused on trying to win the meeting as we usually are. We were more there to try and get into the 7.6s and do some experimenting for the upcoming Nationals in 2 weeks (15-16 March).

Jase nailed the boost curve yet again and we laid a smooth as silk 7.69 @ 182.11mph into a massive head wind - a new track and National record for SS/BB. The best part was we ran 5.00 @ 151mph to half track which was a good gain in ET and a jump of 7mph over our previous best!!  We were onto something for sure and getting closer and closer to “the 2 top dogs” of GTR drag racing at only our 3rdproper meeting.

The head wind was so strong it bent all of our front bumper mounts due to the extra down force created by the air speed of approximately 330kph. We estimated a low 7.6 @ 185-186mph if the head wind wasn’t there.


Later in the day the wind had died down so we decided to set everything on “kill” and go for a 7.5 @ 185+. Everything was going to plan - the car left hard and straight and I had a good feeling until about the 60ft mark where the car veered hard left towards the wall without warning. I managed to keep it off the wall and coasted to a stop thinking “bugger it, broken axle”. The safety crew were on hand within seconds to make sure I was OK and they checked under the car to make sure there were no oil leaks etc. I was given the OK and we towed the car back to the pits.

We had a quick look under the car and couldn’t see any damage so thought it might have been a stripped spline in a CV joint or maybe the axle that runs through the sump.

Although a little disappointed, I was happy the car did not get intimate with the wall and we had had a killer run earlier in the day showing us that if everything keeps going the way it is, we will be within a couple of tenths of the world record before long.

We took our time packing up in between watching a few races then we headed for the Te Poi Tavern for our usual de-brief, meal and a cold beer.

Back in the workshop

Upon inspection back at the shop it was indeed the axle that runs through the sump that had failed. No other damage done and we have a few ideas to prevent it happening again that we are working on.

We’ll do the usual checks, replace the axle and be ready for the Nationals on the 15th/16th March back at Meremere.


Big thanks go out to Jason from Infomotive for his dedication to tuning and selecting the best boost curve for the conditions. Thanks to Spook, Brad and Flat Dan for their help at the track and thanks to all my great sponsors like Vi-PEC, Turbosmart, Nitto, Ross Dampers, GSS, NZ Performance, Te Poi Tavern (the big cow), Trufold, Kelfords, Custom Shirts NZ, Regal Automotive, Autotrans, Scotty’s bar and our newest supporter NAC Insurance through their grants program.

Bring on the 7.5s!!! (The current world record is 7.41 held by Heat Treatments GTR run in Australia)

We’ve also had a nice picture and a bit of a write up in the latest NZPC magazine after the win at Masterton.


Video Clip from Weekend:


Watch a compilation video of MGAWOT III at Comp 4 - it shows the swerve to the wall that's mentioned above!

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