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Vi-PEC i350Z PlugIn - Real World

The Vi-PEC i350Z PlugIn has only been out in the world a couple of weeks and its already "kicking competitors to the kerb"
Vi-PEC i350Z PlugIn - Real World

It's the area between the curves!

Ross Honnor from Dobsons Dyno Tune in Waitara, New Zealand, has done the first installation of the i350Z PlugIn. He comments on Facebook:

Fitted a vipec plug and play to Keith Finnerty's 350Z amazing results for the same boost. Vipec ecu installation and tune complete same boost 12psi as his piggy back hks ecu but can now make boost earlier with full cam control and correct mixtures

Power run with 350Z PlugIn Torque run with 350Z PlugIn

Keith has now run the car and is very happy with the results.

350Z in Dobsons workshop

Ross has the car back to set up the launch control using the flyby wire electronic throttle for a far smoother launch.

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