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YJC Motors win tarmac hillclimb

Vi-PEC V88 wins the day on YJC Motors' Dallara F3 driven by Yves Martin.

Yves Martin from YJC Motors won the Course de Cote de Sumene big tarmac hill climb in a Dallara F3 powered by a 1300 Hayabusa year 2000. The Hayabusa runs 8 injectors, four primary, four secondary as staged injection, powered with a V88.

Over the course of 3 races, Yves was able to lead with a time of 4/10th to 1 sec on a 1.5km race from the 2012 winner. This gave him both the scratch and race record.

Results from the hillclimb can be seen here.

Map of the course

Updated (Aug 21st, 2013)

We have some more information and images from this event.

In the third heat, Yves beat Coquet’s race record by more than one sec and beat COQUET by 77 thousands of a second!! This was an amazing event as Yves Martin put a strong end to Coquet wins amazing series.

La Sumène is next to Saint-Pierre-Eynac and is located in Département de la Haute-Loire, Auvergne, France. La Sumène has a length of 0.51 kilometres.

Yves is running a V88 and Vi-PEC dashboard with special switchable map for rainy races.

Local newspaper article about Yves Martin's win

Revue ECHAPPEMENT (famous racing revue in France) describing this event

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