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Knock Amplifier Kit

Use Vi-PEC's Digital Knock Amplifier every day in your workshop or on your dyno as a tuning tool or as an installed knock controller. Mount the knock light on the dash for visible warning of engine knock. [This product is no longer available.]

Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier has been designed as a knock tuning tool as well as a knock control interface. This flexibility allows the Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier to be used as a tuning tool for every day workshop and dyno use, as well as a permanently installed knock controller.

The Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier can act as knock detection interface for Vi-PEC ECUs. The Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier connects directly with the knock sensor and provides the ECU with an accurate measurement of engine knock. The ECU can then be configured for closed loop knock control, allowing the ignition timing to be advanced and retarded to maintain output power while protecting the engine. Additionally, the supplied knock light can be mounted on the dash to provide the driver with a visible warning in the event of engine knock.

The Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier can be used as a knock tuning tool. Connected to a correctly positioned knock sensor the Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier will provide a clear audio output with a crisp distinction between normal engine sounds and knock. This will allow the tuner to safely optimise ignition timing and mixtures when tuning an engine.

The kit includes:

  • Molded plastic case with foam cutouts
  • Digital Knock Amplifier
  • Noise canceling headset
  • Bosch knock sensor
  • Knock indication light
  • Cables
  • Batteries
  • Manual

Digital%2520Knock%2520Interface%2520photoKey Features:

  • Two Knock Sensor Inputs 
  • 105mW RMS Low Distortion Audio Output
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) Detection Mode
  • 40MHz Digital Signal Micro-Processor
  • Analogue 0V to 5V Output for Interfacing to an After-market Gauge or Engine Management System
  • Digital Window Input for Time Window Data Capture and Individual Cylinder Knock Control 
  • Digital Window Output for Interfacing to Vi-PEC VX ECUs 
  • External Knock Indication Light
  • Fifteen User Selectable Digital Filters
  • Selectable Detection Gain from 1 to 64
  • Internal 9V Battery Compartment for Quick Setup
  • Low Power Mode for Extended Battery Life (audio only)
  • Ergonomic and Robust ABS Case with Plush Hand Grips


  • 120mm x 80mm x 25mm
  • 8V to 18V supply input range 
  • 160g with 9V Battery

For documentation and help file go to this page.

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