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VTS Software & ECU Firmware

Vi-PEC calibration software for Windows™ PCs and Firmware for the Vi-PEC range of Engine Management Systems

Download Vi-PEC Tuning Software

For Vi-PEC iSeries ECU's please use PCLink G4+. Click here to go to the PCLink G4+ downloads page for the latest version.

For VSeries ECU's please use VTS V4.10.2 below.

Downloads include full help, sample files, ECU firmware and ECU USB Drivers.

Software VersionIncludes FirmwareCompatible Firmware Versions
Latest iVTS Version (i44, i88 ECUs)
iVTS V5.3.1 V5.0.1 to V5.3.1
Older iVTS Versions (i44, i88 ECUs)
iVTS V5.2.2 V5.0.1 to V5.2.2
iVTS V5.1.0 V5.0.1 to V5.1.0
iVTS V5.0.3.1785 V5.0.3 V5.0.1 to V5.0.3
iVTS V5.0.1.1731 V5.0.1 V5.0.1
Latest VTS Version (V44, V88 ECUs)
VTS V4.10.2.1784 (24-06-14) V4.10.2 V4.8.4 to V4.10.2
Older VTS Versions (V44,V88 ECUs)
VTS V4.9.9.1784 (11-11-13) V4.9.9 V4.8.4 to V4.9.9
VTS V4.9.8.1540 (18-04-13) V4.9.8 V4.8.4 to V4.9.8
VTS V4.9.3.1194 (16-04-12) V4.9.3 V4.8.4 to V4.9.3
VTS V4.9.1.1165 (28-02-12) V4.9.1 V4.8.4 to V4.9.1
VTS V4.8.82.1129 (8-12-11) V4.8.82 V4.8.4 to V4.8.8, V4.8.81, V4.8.82

VTS and ECU Firmware Version Information

The release notes are now contained within the VTS documentation. Refer to the help menu in iVTS for fixes, changes and new features. ECU firmware version information can also be found in the iVTS help.